Support for students and others to attend Euroclay2015 will be announced on this page as and when information becomes available

Funding has been made available to the following:

 Applicant Affiliation Funding source
 Elena Kuznetsova  NTNU, Norway  CMG1
 Tom Underwood  University of Durham, UK  CMG
 Bhabananda Biswas  University of South Australia  CMG
 Argha Chakraborty  University of South Australia  CMG
 Binoy Sarker  University of South Australia  CMG
 Angela Dumas  ERT, Toulouse, France  CMG
 Akinade  Olatunji  University of Ibadan, Nigeria  CMG
 Erin Isik  Dumlupınar University, Turkey  ECGA2
 Mara Cesarano  University of Naples, Italy  ECGA
 Fabien Baron  Université de Poitiers, France  CMS3
 Bhabananda Biswas  University of South Australia  CMS
 Austin Boles  University of Michigan, USA  CMS
 Carmen Ciotonea  Technical University of Iasi, Romania  CMS
 Liva Dzene  Université de Poitiers, France  CMS
 Jonathon Farfard  University of Ottawa, Canada  CMS
 Jahren Freiburg  Universität Greifswald, Germany  CMS
 Chun-Chun Hsu  Texas A&M University, USA  CMS
 Michal Janosik  Comenius University, Slovakia  CMS
 Mathias Koster  Tech. Universität München, Germany  CMS
 Robin Valetin  Université de Poitiers, France  CMS
 Ruhaida Rusmin  University of South Australia  CMS
 Eleanor Olegario-Sanchez  University of the Philippines  CMS
 Patrizia Will  Tech. Universität München, Germany  CMS
 Kiho Yang  Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea  CMS
 Eleanor Olegario-Sanchez  University of the Philippines  INZA4, AMG5

1 CMG: The Clay Minerals Group of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland

2 ECGA: The European Clay Groups Association

3 CMS The Clay Minerals Society

4 INZA International Natural Zeolites Association

5 AMG Applied Mineralogy Group

The Clay Club and the Geological Society (London) are supporting student attendance at the pre-conference shale workshop. Register free of charge (on a first-come first-served basis). Note the workshop follow-on session to come during the conference on Monday 6th July.


Description: The Martín Vivaldi Award is named after the Spanish clay mineralogist Juan Luis Martín-Vivaldi, a pioneer in clay mineralogy and one of the founders of Sociedad Española de Arcillas – SEA (the Spanish Clay Society).

The Martín Vivaldi Award is a European award, sponsored by the European Clay Groups Association (ECGA) that was established and is financially supported by the SEA, to offer financial assistance to the recipient member of the ECGA which will enable him/her to participate in a EUROCLAY Meeting for the purpose of presenting his/her paper.

Download details and application form for the Martín Vivaldi Award here. The deadline was 1st March 2015.

We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2015 Martin Vivaldi Award is Bernd Wicklein, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid.