One day short course

The Chemistry of Clay-Polymer Reactions

A one day short course on the Chemistry of Clay Polymer Reaction will be delivered 9-5am on Wednesday the 8th of July at the Appleton Tower venue; sign up on the registration page. The course will be delivered by Benny K.G. Theng, Landcare Research, Palmerston North, New Zealand

During the morning session, the following points will be considered:

  • the basic structures, compositions, and colloid chemical properties of some clay minerals
  • the theoretical aspects of the clay-polymer interaction
  • the interactions of clay minerals with uncharged and negatively charged polymers


After the lunch break, the following topics will be reviewed:

  • the interactions of clay minerals with positively charged polymers
  • some applications of the clay-polymer interaction in agriculture and industry
  • the synthesis, properties, and applications of polymer-clay nanocomposites


The course cost will be £200.

Clay polymer short course