Clay and fine particle-based materials for environmental technologies and clean up

Clay and fine particle based materials for environmental technologies and clean up

Environmental pollution is a growing public concern worldwide as society industrialises and citizens become more aware of the associated risks. Despite many resources being channelled towards the development of technologies for cleaning up contaminated environments, millions of contaminated sites still exist in sensitive locations because of the prohibitive cost of remediation or the lack of an effective technology to clean up sites to a level required by regulators. As a result, much scientific effort is being directed at developing new technologies which are both efficient and inexpensive. Natural materials such as clay minerals, which are inexpensive, highly adsorptive and available ubiquitously in all continents, hold great potential as environmental materials, both with and without modification. This symposium will highlight recent research advances in clay minerals-based remediation and remediation technologies including modified and non-modified clay minerals, redox active clay minerals, layered double hydroxides, bacteria supported clay minerals, and other novel fine particle based materials.

This session is supported by CRCCARE