Field Trips

Important announcement for those attending field trips

Safety on Field-trips

We hope that all of you attending field trips will have an enjoyable time. The safety of delegates, leaders and staff is of paramount importance on these trips. Delegates are covered by Mineralogical Society insurance on all of these trips.

Note that delegates are required to:

See links below to:

Note that for those attending the field-trips (other than Arthur’s Seat/city-centre volcano) there will be a safety briefing, led by C. Jeans, on Tuesday afternoon in Lecture room 5 (17.15-18.00).


Four mid-conference field trips are planned for Wednesday the 8th of July, and a longer pre-conference field trip to examine zeolites on the West coast of Scotland is also planned.

The pre-conference Strontian and Isle of Mull zeolite excursion is planned to run from Monday 29th June to Saturday the 4th of July to be led by Linda Campbell, Alan Dyer, Craig Williams (with co-leader  Oneta Wilson).

Then mid-conference, on Wednesday 8th of July there will be three different day-trip excursion options travelling from Edinburgh by bus.

  • Dob’s Linn and Grey Mare’s Tail – Southern Uplands, to be led by Simon Kemp (with co-leaders Hugh Barron and Maxine Akhurst).

  • The Devonian – Carboniferous upland – acid coal swamp transition 325 – 350 million years ago  exposed in the sea cliffs of S.E. Scotland, to be led by Christopher Jeans, Jennifer Huggett, Elena Kuznetsova, David Wray (with co-leader Euan Clarkson).

  • Soils and geological time along The James Hutton trail, to be led by Jeff Wilson (with co-leaders Allan Lilly and Helen Pendlowski).

Additionally, a 2–3 hour walking trip around the spectacular city centre Volcano Geology of Edinburgh is a further option on the Wednedsay, to be led by Derek Bain (with co-leader Stuart Munro).

Further details of each trip can be found by following the links above; all trips are subject to uptake; to sign up, see the conference registration page.